US Delegation: We seek to attract investment and organize conferences on Sudan’s resources

Khartoum, Aug 2 (SUNA)

The visiting US delegation of the businessmen and the former US Congress members underlined, Monday, following their meeting with the leaderships of the Sudanese Chambers of Commerce headed by the Union’s Chairman, Al-Amin Al-Sheikh Mustafa Al-Amin has described the meeting as one of the important meetings they held since they arrived in the country.

The US businessmen has pointed out that the role of the government is to create trade opportunities and businesses, as well as providing jobs and activities that will contribute to the development and promotion of the country. The US businessman Richard said the delegation includes a number of the businessmen and formers diplomats and politicians who arrived in Sudan to review with their Sudanese counterparts the establishment of economic development partnerships and investments between the two countries.

He told SUNA following the meeting which held at the Tower of Chambers of Commerce that he noticed that Sudan, which he has been visiting during the past ten years, is witnessing today a great development in many fields, and that in order for this Sudan to grow and continue to grow, it must open its doors to receive American businessmen and investors, such as those who are with him now and who are interested in developing rural communities Providing expertise and experience on how to manage business, transparency, attracting investment, and the technologies necessary for the development and progress of Sudan. The US businessman, went to say, the delegation is not only works for attracting investments , but also works for holding and organizing conferences on Sudan’s rich resources, adding that the partnership between the businessmen in the country will make difference and will develop the Sudanese economy.

The delegation explained that the democracy and the multi-party system is the best system of rule in the world, but it does not mean that the government always takes the right decision, therefore, Sudan must find a way to comprehensive reconciliation and be able to involve all its components to move in one direction for the benefit of all the Sudanese people.


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