Nilein Mercantile, (The gateway to Africa)

Nilein Mercantile, (The gateway to Africa)

The Nilein Mercantile Project is the first and only Project of its Kind in Sudan, it’s a privately owned Free Zone Area off The Red Sea located in the Centre of Port Sudan.
The project will cater for the Industrial Sector, Commercial Sector as well as service Sector.

Currently under Construction the project the project is built on an area of over 160,000 square meters, The site overlooks the Red Sea coast and adjacent to the new green port along the northern port. Linking to the National Road & Rail network and continental roads of the Red Sea coast and other regions inside and outside the country.

The Strategic location & importance of this project provides a Gateway to regional markets. Sudan is a member of COMESA Group as well a member of the Arab Free Trade Group , which has a total population of over 700 million people combined.

The project will cater for:-
The Commercial Sector : Space for transit trade. Container storage spaces. Various types of storage (cooled and dry). Silos for storing grain. Depots of vegetable oils. Depots of soap grease. Export and import. Commercial agencies.

The service Sector: Insurance services. Financial and banking services. Transport, handling and clearance services. Engineering and advisory services. Marketing and promotional services. Tourism and entertainment services.

The Industrial Sector: Grain mills. Oil industries. Food industries. electrical industries. Laboratories and Quality Control. Packaging industries. Assembly and engineering industries. Aromatic industries and preparations. Pharmaceutical industries and medical products.

The Project objectives: – Attracting foreign investments.

  • Create broad employment opportunities.
  • Create a free market for Sudanese industrial exports.
  • Transfer of modern technology in the fields of manufacturing, storage and services. By attracting foreign investments that raise production and productivity.
  • Developing industries related to agricultural production to increase added value.

By focusing on collecting and processing exports and completing their procedures from within the free zone.

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