El-Sheikh Feed
Al-Sheikh Feeds is an Animal Produce Company. The factory produces concentrated feeds for all livestock, with a capacity of 500 m/t per day fully automated making it one of the largest Manufactures in the country.

El-sheikh Feeds has been providing animal health and nutrition solutions for the local Market, mainly for Poultry, Livestock and Aquaculture, with the help of the latest in modern European equipment & Technology our R&D Team are tasked and guided by the achieving the best quality of products With premium specifications and high nutritional value we ensure breeder the highest return at the lowest production cost.
Located in Khartoum State – Soba Industrial Zone, and is distinguished by its proximity to animal production enabling farms and feed markets it takes full advantage by covering the local and regional market.

Along with R&D department Our Labs & Production Facilities are supported by Quality Control which is constantly researching and developing new innovative products to ensure quality for our customers.

The production of high-quality feed for various sectors of animal production, including dairy cows, livestock fattening, and the production of broiler, Poultry and Layer feeds.
El-Sheikh feeds Follows the International Standards for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)